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作者: bhgd19540    時間: 2013-12-19 01:35     標題: ugg boots billig rocker type sole

design of the sole varies from one brand to another, but most of them seem to operate on the principle of generating a small element of instability in the walking process. This makes the muscles in the lower body respond by trying to re-establish the body’s natural equilibrium. That means that they do a little more work than during normal walking, and that’s how the toning effect is achieved. Some shoes also claim to modify posture and/or gait - but it’s the introduction of imbalance that seems to be most important. Skechers Shape Ups are the current best selling toning shoes. They have a thick,ugg boots billig, rocker type sole, which includes a special kinetic insert. This is intended to reproduce the sensation of walking barefoot over soft,Ugg Schuhe, yielding sand and to produce a gentle rolling motion in addition to producing the required amount of instability. Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) Shoes also use a curved sole which is similar to the Skechers approach. MBT shoes were conceived by a Swiss engineer,, Karl Muller,Ugg Stiefel,

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