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the most reviled and despised coach in this league

Dungy Announces Retirement,[/url]
Tony Dungy walked away from football and the Indianapolis Colts today, announcing his retirement after seven seasons with the team with which he became the first AfricanAmerican head coach to win a Super Bowl title.Dungy, 53, said he hadn't decided what his postcoaching career will be but he hopes to work with children in some capacity."My wife and I talked, and we just felt it was the right time," Dungy said at a news conference. "I think I've got a chance to do some things down the road. I think I've got a responsibility to be home a little more."Dungy is to be replaced by Jim Caldwell, who was designated as Dungy's eventual successor by the Colts last offseason.Dungy had been contemplating his coaching future since the Colts' season ended in a firstround playoff loss at San Diego. He said he originally had hoped to walk off the field in Tampa, Fla.,[url=http://leftwingradical.com/comment/reply/12]como Lionel Messi".
, next month with a second Super Bowl triumph and retire then. When the Colts lost a firstround playoff game in San Diego,I like them very much., his initial thought was to return for another season because he didn't want to exit on such a disappointment, he said. But he changed his mind during conversations last week with his wife, Lauren."I've been tremendously blessed to play three years in the NFL and coach for 28,Klose can hold his head high in 2010., and those 31 years have been fantastic," Dungy said. ". Don't shed any tears for me. I've got to live a dream that most people don't get to live. What phase two is,At his age, we'll see. I have a real peace about it that this is the right time."He said he doesn't plan to coach again, but realizes there's a chance he could have a future change of heart."I knew this day would come at some point," Colts owner Jim Irsay said. ". Nothing stays the same. Things change. As an owner, you dream about having the kind of relationship with a head coach that I've had with Tony."Colts President Bill Polian called Dungy a future Hall of Fame selection."What an incredible privilege it has been to work with this extraordinary man," Polian said at the news conference. ". We'll miss his faith. We'll miss his optimism. We'll miss his patience. What a joy it was to come to work with Tony Dungy every day."Last offseason, the Colts named Caldwell, their quarterbacks coach who also had the title of associate head coach,Babyliss MiraCurl, to succeed Dungy whenever he retired.Dungy indicated after the game in San Diego that he would take a week to make his decision. He followed a similar process in each of the previous few offseasons, having made it clear long ago that he didn't consider himself a lifer in the coaching business."I just think personally he feels he has a higher calling,custom nfl jerseys," Colts defensive back Marlin Jackson told ESPN. "He's a man of faith and he thinks that's more important than football."The Colts went 124 this season, winning their final nine regular season games, and quarterback Peyton Manning won his third NFL most valuable player award. But they were upset by the Chargers in overtime in their playoff opener.Dungy had a regular season record of 8527 with the team. He previously served as the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had an overall regular season record of 13969. He reached the playoffs 11 times in 13 seasons as an NFL head coach.I don't even think that the Marvin Harrison situation would bother me so much if it weren't for the statements that Tony Dungy is a "man of faith" whose "deep religious convictions" and "sense of a higher calling" is "more important than football" (all quotes are from the above article). And yet he cannot bring himself to bench a player who has brazenly forfeited his right to step onto an NFL playing field. Coach Dungy would rather win than do the morally right thing, so he stood behind the figleaf of the DA's (non)investigation. The Colts reaped their just deserts with their early exit from the playoffs.I'll tell you, if Marvin Harrison was a Giant, he would have never played another down for the team after the shooting. Tom Coughlin has just demonstrated this fact clearly and eloquently. For that matter,babyliss, the most reviled and despised coach in this league,Cheap Babyliss MiraCurl Online Outlet - Official Babyliss,and the Time Warner Arena, Bill Belichick, wouldn't have hesitated to sit Marvin Harrison right down where he belonged  at the end of the bench next to the water cooler,Leftfooted Sebastian Janikowski, where he could meditate on what it means to be a professional football player. However, five bullet casings fired from this gun were recovered at the shooting site. All they had on OJ was a glove  no sworn testimony,or engage in personal attacks.,Real Madrid Soccer Jersey, no bullet casings,Sale Official Babyliss MiraCurl Online to world wide, no nothing  yet Mr. Harrison walks free.Here's the reality: Marvin Harrison was not charged with a crime because he was a member of the sainted Indianapolis Colts, while his accusers were men of questionable character. And this despite the physical evidence and sworn testimony identifying Harrison as the shooter. That's how they play the game in Tony Dungy's world. Harrison two weeks prior to the shooting. Subsequently, both of these men were shot by Mr. Harrison's gun.Mr. Harrison initially "told police he did not have the gun with him in Philadelphia on April 29 and that the weapon had not been fired in at least one year. Ballistics tests later confirmed that five spent bullet shells found at the crime scene came from Harrison's gun." In the altercation, two men were shot and a child sitting in a car had an eye injury caused by broken glass.And according to the most moral and upstanding coach in the NFL,[/url], this criminal was deemed worthy to be a member of the Indianapolis Colts.My claim of hypocrisy has nothing to do with Tony Dungy's relationship with his son. It concerns his decision to keep a player on his team who gunned down a man on the street like a dog. If you are a Bgrade player who smokes marijuana, you are unfit to be a Colt. But if you are Marvin Harrison, anything goes. And this coach presumes to lecture the rest of the league on integrity. The same coach who, by the way,[url=http://www.coopres.it/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog]Ibrahim alAsiri,custom kids nfl jerseys, pumped amplified crowd noise into his stadium to drown out other teams' signalcalling. Tony Dungy is the very definition of the word Hypocrite, and I will be delighted to see the last of him.